Owning a property back in Sri Lanka is great. But, how safe is your property? You might have heard or read in newspapers regarding misusing of un-occupied properties. Miscreants and Encroachers usually have an eye on property that is obviously not watched. You or someone whom you trust should be visiting the property regularly. It has to be monitored and protected. It may or may not be brand new. Yet the property needs to be taken care of, in your absence. This would have been done normally by friends or relatives. It is a wise thing to leave the property with a trusted hand. But there are many practical issues with this system nowadays. People are very busy with their own lives and the life styles have changed. They even do not have time for themselves. Hence, people have started to get professional help.

Property Rentals

In an event you decide to Rent out your Property, we offer following services to you

  • Property will be inspected and market rental values suggested
  • Advertise in local and online sources
  • Potential tenants will be searched
  • Property will be shown to Potential tenants
  • Background check will be performed on potential tenants
  • Rental Lease agreement will be drafted and will be finalized
  • Rent collected on behalf of you and deposited
  • Regular maintenance and Repairs carried out

We will first inspect the property and conduct a thorough market study in order to set a rental price for your property. This helps you achieve the balance between getting a steady monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

Finding tenants may be easy. But, finding the right tenant is tough. We will do background checks, employment verifications, and collecting previous landlord references of prospective Tenants and submit for your perusal.

If you have ever let a property, you will know that sometimes securing payment from tenants can be difficult especially when they know you live overseas. Involvement of a Property Management Company will ensure on time payments. We as a property management company will manage all areas of the tenant – landlord relationship in addition to finding good tenants. The property manager will handle routine and emergency maintenance. They will also take care of routine inspections and will manage any situation where any resolution is required. Property management companies will have good relationships with maintenance workers, contractors and suppliers. Hence, we will get you the best work for the best price. There are many taxes and dues that have to be paid if a property is owned. There might be many applicable regulations to abide by when renting and maintaining your rental property, depending on where the property is located. We can help you keep your property up to date in this aspect. Property Monitoring Sometimes you may be undecided whether to rent it out or use it when you visit Sri Lanka. Still You need to keep an eye on it. Is the property in good shape?  Is it being vandalized or misused? Is there damage due to water? Are the windows intact? Are there any birds nesting in your windows or sun shades? As the owner of the property you need to know these. As you are many miles away; you are unable to do the above – then we at Sri Lankan World can do it for you.

Our services

  • We will visit the property, take pictures and or video and email it to you.
  • Any concerns on specific issues regarding the property can be highlighted to us and we will pay attention to it.
  • If the property is already secured and has a fence or a compound wall – you can opt for the following option; Have a display board saying that ‘This property is managed by Sri Lankan World’ and our Contact details will be displayed.
  • If the property is not secured – we can arrange for Fencing or building compound wall. Actual charges plus our service charge will be collected from you.
  • In the event of attempt to encroach or misuse the property – we will report it to you immediately. We will also make a complaint to the local Police station if need be.

Property Maintenance

If the maintenance is not done on a regular basis there is a possibility of major repairs at some point. Home owners can think of renovating or carrying out repairs when the tenants change. There could be instances where the work has to be done immediately. When you do this type of work the homeowner or their representative has to be present through the whole process. We manage and carry out necessary repairs relating to the property, Quotations will be obtained for the work needed. Work will be initiated after Client approval. We offer this services to our Property Management Clients. We offer Home Repair, Renovation and Refurbishing, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Painting, Wood Work, Flooring, Professional Cleaning, Pest Control and more

Details Needed

Property Location, Exact street address should be provided along with land mark and Proof of ownership.

Service Fees

The Fee depends on area, location and the work involved. Generally, in Colombo and its immediate suburbs 10% of the Monthly Rent is charges as our fee per month. Please call us or fill out and submit the online form for details.

Rental Property Management

we advertise your property and find the tenant for you. We also complete all of the initial
paperwork; We will advertise your property, qualify suitable tenants through a thorough screening process and present to you so you make the final decision. This service is usually combined with our full management service.

We will

  • Collect the rent
  • Conduct regular inspections
  • Conduct regular rent reviews
  • Maintain your property and engage contractors
  • Handle all communication between you and your tenant
  • Handle any disputes or arrears
  • Advise you on legislation and much more