Private Investigation Service


SRI LANKAN WORLD is a multi service organization catering mainly to Sri Lankans living around the globe.

Our Private Investigation service is spearheaded by a retired Senior Police Officer based in Sri Lanka, who possesses an unblemished record of 34 yrs of service, of which half of his service was served in many parts of the Island, acquiring an extended work experience in a wide range of active Police work. Rest of his service was in the (primary) States Intelligence Agency, where he was handling   much sensitive ‘Investigations & operations’ in purview of its chores and responsibilities. He has been extensively trained locally and overseas in the ‘finer skills’ of the Intelligence field and many specialties in the Police Department.

The ‘Work-Team’ of investigators in the  ‘Sri Lankan World’ compromise a pool of skilled former ‘operatives’ from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB / SIS), Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Fraud Investigation Bureaus (FIB) and Police field operatives and specialists.  Most being former collogues, a high quality of coordination, discipline, professionalism and secrecy, is demonstrated at all times.

The ‘Backup-pool’ of retired senior officials from various Government services and the private sector are available if required to handle any complex matters, if and when required.

Quality service is always ensured while all dealings will be highly confidential, personalized and customer friendly. Accurate and comprehensive reports will be submitted and wherever possible any additional and supportive evidence will be provided, to full fill the client’s objectives.

Services offered / available

Criminal investigations & Consultative Services.> Qualified Ex. Police Investigators will be assigned to work parallel with the Police to look after the interests of the ‘client’ and provide guidance to the ‘victim’, throughout up to legal procedures (Lawyers assistance, issues on notices, summons, warrants) and follow ups (in courts). Document verifications and photography of scenes could be undertaken.

 Customer related investigations> Identification, movements and back-ground tracing of ‘subjects’, Partner verifications, tracing lost individuals / relatives.

Civil Investigations (Fact finding missions) A unique service where accurate and confidential information’s are provided to clients, after inquiries, on their own personal interests (properties, businesses ventures etc. [in Sri Lanka]), giving the current status of existence, management levels, feasibility of profits / loss. Personal information required (health, well-being) of the ‘next-of-kin’ (parents / family members/friends, sickly) could be supplied with accurate feedback on investigations. Any other ‘peripheral’ assignments an ‘expatriate’ Sri Lankan wish to ascertain in own country, could be considered with the availability of the ‘expanded resources pool team’ (Legal, Medical, Govt. / private sector officials & establishments).

Employment verification> Pre-employment screening (verifying employment history, personal background checks), inquiries on referrals / referee checks, back ground checks of Domestic and contract workers, back ground and existing conduct of employees suspected of fraudulent  activities, required for legal action.

Corporate (Business) Investigations:  Frauds, Tracking bank defaulters, tracing company credential, ownerships, financial status, activities & nature of business which are required for partnership or investments.

Intellectual property: Tracing duplicate Brand / Trademark, patent copyrights protection, breach of contract agreements which information will be required for legal actions.

Insurance: Claim verifications, frauds, follow-ups.

Legal services: Due diligence, court searches, property searches. Verification of Deeds, Documents and Ownership of property.

Industrial espionageEvidence gathering on ‘parties’ who would be detrimental to own profitability, corporate image and even business survival.

Overseas Assignments: Could be taken up, based on the magnitude of the requirement by the client and the Global location.

Rates / costs > Please enquire through online form or contact us direct on +61451815504(available on Viber and whatsapp)